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Shift Forward With Rolling Impressions

Rolling Impressions are so much more than the typical billboard. It’s an experience in motion. Bright high-res images. Continuous action. Bold messaging. All crafted for the audience reading it. The result? Consumers simply can’t look away. 

We are the new-age messenger

 Rolling Impressions is Columbus's first and only outdoor mass media vehicle that can take any message or marketing initiative directly to your target audience. We deliver our client’s messages with state-of-the-art, updating and customizing content as needed. 

We are the most flexible mass medium

 Rolling Impressions impacts any environment by engaging audiences with real-time messaging on a larger-than-life-format. We can move to different locales to maximize reach and frequency. Our product can deliver enormous impressions by targeting areas where we know specific consumers gather, and our clients can develop schedules that provide high reach, high frequency, or both. 

We are accurate

We engage our client’s audience by pinpointing when, how and where they can be reached. Our GPS navigation system provides detailed reports, so our customers know exactly where their messages were seen.

We are on the move

Below is a sample of the areas that we target, however, we go where the crowds are...

  • Macon Rd/Wynnton Rd 
  • Veterans PWY 
  • Manchester EXPY 
  • 280 Bypass/13th Street Phenix City 
  • Talbotton Rd 
  • Victory Dr 
  • Warm Springs Rd/Milgen Rd 
  • Bradley Park Dr/Whittlesey Rd/Whittlesey Blvd 
  • Uptown Columbus District 
  • Columbus Park Crossing District 
  • On location for major events    (Festivals, Concerts and more)

industry facts

• Mobile billboards are twice as effective at driving sales vs. static billboards.

•  94% of respondents recalled mobile billboards with an amazing 80% recall of specific ads. 

• Mobile billboards increased sales of 107% vs. a 54% sales increase for static billboards.

SOURCE: Product Acceptance and Research, Inc.

The advertising effect of being on the side of a Tri-Action sign is 4.3 times better than traditional advertising

SOURCE: Capital Communication Group

A study conducted by the Transportation Advertising Council found that:

• 96% of respondents said mobile advertising is more effective than traditional outdoor advertising

SOURCE: Outdoor Advertising Magazine

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